Axel Robert Thill

Born 1957 in Duesseldorf, Germany

Married since 1983 to wife Syoko, 1 son

Lives near London, UK, since 24 years

I am a child of Europe, native German, raised in European Schools in Brussels and Luxembourg, studied in Germany. I speak 5 languages, and a bit of Japanese.

Retired from international Investment Banking, after an active career of 38 years working all over the world in New Issue Syndication.

Very supportive of the spirit of the European Communities of the 70's, appalled by the undemocratic and unnecessary directions the EU took in the last 30 years towards a political union. (This is why this now candidacy exist)

Education, University & Training

1963 - 1968 Ecole Européenne Brussels

1968 - 1976 Ecole Européenne Luxembourg

1976 Baccalauréat Ecole Européenne Luxemburg

1976 - 1978 Bankkaufmann, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt

1978 - 1982 University EBS, Rheingau, Dipl. Betrw.

International Investment Banking 

1982 - 1986 Nikko Securities, Tokyo, Japan

1986 - 1996 Dresdner Bank Frankfurt

1996 - 2012 Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, London, UK

after early retirement

2013 - Co-founder & Tour Guide of Lind Tours,

            a Harley-Davidson Tour Operator, Guildford, UK


Photography, Motorcycling, IT, Social Networking, DIY

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